This training is one of the prerequisites for obtaining Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC).

Our LTC instructors are certified active law enforcement officers that bring real world and personal experience when teaching the Use of Force. Any time force is used there are several factors to consider including: “are you legally justified,” and “is it the right force option at the time?” Our classes help you with those very important questions and teach you how important it is to be able to justify what has transpired.

Texas law requires a 4-6 hour CHL/LTC Certification Course prior to applying for your license. In our course we cover the use of force, gun safety and storage, dispute resolution and Texas laws. To obtain your license, you must complete our course, pass range requirements and pass a 50 question test.

After completion of the class it is your responsibility to then apply and pay a fee to the state which completes a background check and issues the license. In addition to this class, applicants who want to apply for an original (first-time) LTC will need to submit an online application, and schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.


4-6 hours of course instruction plus written exam and range time qualification.

Not included:

Gun & ammunition.

Key Topic Areas

  • Use of force, gun safety and storage
  • Dispute resolution
  • Texas laws


It is not the responsibility of our Instructors to determine eligibility of students or persons seeking to obtain a Concealed Handgun License. Review eligibility requirements closely before registering as class fees are NOT refundable.

Please refer to the DPS Website: for more information about eligibility.


We offer fun and exciting firearms classes with a talented and certified instructor.