This training is broken down into three sections. Each section will cover the topics listed below.

Section 1

We will cover the most common types of firearms and the major components of a firearm and how they work. We will also go over general information on the typical use or purpose of each type. This information is presented first so you have an understanding of what a firearm is, specifically the components, names of components (parts) of a firearm and how they work. You need to know and understand this first before you learn about the rules of safe gun handling. If you don’t know what a muzzle is, how would you know where to point it?

Key Topic Areas: An overview of different types of firearms, their operation & use:

  • Action Mechanisms
  • Ammunition
  • Cartridges & Calibers
  • Safeties
  • Magazines

Section 2

The rules for safe gun handling are explained. Before you put any firearm into your hands, we highly recommend that you attend this formal training class which will cover the safe handling & use of firearms and live fire exercises with a certified instructor present to ensure you know how to properly handle a firearm. We will explain the most common rules for safe handling and use of firearms. In addition to using a firearm, this section will discuss how to clean and safely store firearms and ammunition.

Key Topic Areas:

  • Rules for safe gun handling
  • Cleaning and storage

Section 3

In this section we will cover marksmanship and the basics on how to shoot your firearm, accurately! In addition to the safe handling and use of firearms previously covered, when you are out on the firing line and shooting with others, you will also need to be aware of additional Range Safety Rules. Finally, we will provide additional information and resources so you can find local firing ranges, find information related to your state’s firearms laws and have a comprehensive list of firearms terminology to further expand your knowledge of firearms!

Key Topic Areas

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Range Safety
  • Ranges in your area
  • Firearms laws
  • Glossary of terms


We offer fun and exciting firearms classes with a talented and certified instructor.